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• Latitude 18° 23’ N

• Longitude 68° 54’ W

• Channel: 68 VHF

• Draft: 16 feet






Casa de Campo Yacht Club

Personally designed and decorated by the architect Gianfranco Fini in a colonial style, the Club is a center of attraction of great importance to the life of the Marina and also a gathering point for major international events.



Built in Colonial style, the Club must give the impression, based on the idea of the designer that it has always existed in this strategic location of the Marina, between the village and the bay. With its impressive size and its portico, the Club is another attraction in the Marina where, apart from being the center of operation of all port-related activities (international regattas and events), it is also a place to relax with intimate friends and family members, having dinner parties and intimate gatherings. The interior of the Club, also designed by architect Fini, evokes an atmosphere of old times. The high volume of two levels, covered with a roof made of wood, the mahogany furniture, the classic lines of white sofa in the lobby, or private lounge chairs, all combine to give the impression of a place full of history.

The intention is that the Club will become a water sports destination internationally known, just like it’s club brothers, Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo, and others.

Today it is almost impossible to imagine that the Marina Casa de Campo was built almost like a bet and that its success can be attributed to the obstinacy of a handful of people, particularly the architect Gianfranco Fini, who having already projected Marinas in other countries immediately realized the potential this place had, being so beautiful and virgin, and yet so suited to creating a claim not only for locals and American neighbors, but also to an international audience. However, in dealing with the puzzlement of many, and carrying through the faith of those who supported this seemingly impossible project, the architect has not only demonstrated his broad vision, but has since received several commissions to study territories. On the crest of the wave of success, it did not slow him to feel the need to create a Yacht Club to seal the result and highlight its prestige. Designed in a colonial style, the idea of the architect was that this should give the impression of having been there forever, just on that strategic site, at the point where it meets with the Ensenada. With its stunning cubic volume, the eardrum and terraces with great columns, the Club represents another 'rendezvous' for the Marina where, apart from other port-related activities, important events like international regattas, it can be a intimate place to enjoy the Marina.